Aloha! Hello! How are you? I'm so glad you came by to check out my site and I hope you found something that helps, inspires and/or makes your day! The whole point of this site and my purpose in life is to bring some beauty into the world, create a community where people can share what makes their world a better place and for me to share what makes "Mai" world sparkle.

My Hawaiian heritage compels me to share my aloha and welcome everyone into my Ohana. My name Maile (My-Lee) comes from a vine native to the islands and is used in leis for momentous occasions such as weddings. Celebrating life and what makes us individuals is important to me as it is the way of my culture.

I reside in the beautiful state of Montana after having lived in the bustling city of Los Angeles for most of my life. I share my time with my pup and coworker Monty and the Ohana I was born in and created around me.


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